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  1. I hope someone out there can help me with info - I am looking to returning to school for my BSN, have been accepted to Bethel ~ have heard nothing but rave reviews & the class structure of 1 night a week is ideal however, the cost is somewhat daunting... then looked into Metro (much cheaper...) but it's turning into a whole "dog n pony" show with their application process - it seems very drawn out & that I may have to take 3 prerequisites before even getting into the cohort - a friend suggested Mankato - which she said was ALL online... is / has anyone taken part in Mankato's RN to BSN program ? is it truly all online or are there campus times involved ? any info would be much appreciated Thanks !
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    Hi. I am currently in the second semester at Mankato for the online RN to BSN program. I too applied to Metro state but they had too many prerequisites before I could start the nursing classes. Plus I have friends in that program and they seem to express a lot of frustration with it. For Mankato, all but one of the classes is completely online. The last class (Provider of care clinical) has the public health clinical component. There are tons of papers to write and it does tend to be time consuming but I think that is the same for all programs.

    As far as the application process goes, there are two apps. (1 for mankato and 1 for the BSN program). You can start the nursing classes right away. There are 8 nursing classes total.
    If you do apply to Mankato, you have to stay on top of them to get your application processed timely. It took about 3 months to get my acceptance and my DARS report from them. They are real slow about everything, but once you're in you're golden. Patricia Lipetsky is the advisor for the program. She's pretty good about answering e-mails.

    I do like the program and it is by far the easiest to do on a part time bases. Also , the cost tends to run about $300/credit which is less than Bethel.

    good luck! please feel free to e-mail me privately for any furthur questions.