Normandale RN Clinicals

  1. Does anyone know where Normandale typically does clinical rotations? I got admitted to their LPN to RN program starting this May 2012 and was curious about where I would have to travel to.
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  3. by   LJR89
    I know this post is very old. But where did you end up doing your clinicals? I know there's been a lot of changes to the program since you posted it, but just curious in case they are the same.
  4. by   klm68
    kjrice89 - Have you heard anything about our clinical schedule this fall? I think you're the only other Normandale Fall 2015 cohort person I've seen on so I thought I'd ask you haha. Do you know when we're supposed to hear? I'm getting nervous! I need to know for work as I'm sure other people do too!
  5. by   LJR89
    I haven't heard anything! There is so much unknown about a lot of these mane programs, and normandale in particular! I'm so glad you reached out because the silence had been excruciating!
    it seems like the HELP program is probably gonna be the bulk of our clinicals at least this first semester (the online application was due today hope you got that in!) and besides the 8-3 on sept 1st I have no idea either.

    I'm with you though, My work requires 3 weeks notification and they said it could be as little as 2 about our schedules? Baaah Im 100x more nervous now than I was waiting for the acceptance letter!

    im kinda wondering if it will be into October when we actually start clinicals? We have to learn the skills, practice them, and get checked that we can perform them on real humans so maybe that's part of it?

    Ok now I'm rambling! Just so good to hear from someone in the same boat!
  6. by   klm68
    Ohhh I never thought about the HELP program being part of our clinicals. Well if that's the case, that makes me feel a little better. I do kind of remember now them saying at orientation that at the very latest we'd hear 2 weeks prior to starting.

    That's a good point though about learning the skills first, I really hope that's the case haha! I feel bad, in my desperation I emailed Betty Blazer last Friday about when we'll find out - haven't heard back from her yet but she's probably getting emails from everyone asking the same thing.

    I'm so happy you responded! I don't know anyone at Normandale yet (I'm transferring all my pre-reqs in from a different school) so it's not like I could ask other classmates if they had heard! Thank goodness for this site haha!
  7. by   LJR89
    Yea, I only took comm and ethics at ncc this spring, transferred everything else in from NDSU. And I definitely didn't see any familiar faces at orientation. So I definitely feel your struggle. I just want to know more about what to expect. I think I check to see if there is access to the syllabus on d2l 2-3 times a day lol. I'm in panic mode lol
  8. by   klm68
    Well I guess most of our questions have been answered now haha. Did you get the email today?
  9. by   LJR89
    Yes! The 10th. I can wait that long... I think. Maybe.