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  1. Hi. I am applying to NHCC's 2012 fall start and was wondering if anyone who is now taking the core courses could tell me how vigorous the courses are. How many hours do you dedicate to studying and doing school work? Are the amount of homework reasonable and manageable? Any information would help. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   inforthelonghaul
    I too am applying the 2012 fall start. Have you heard any answers from any where else other than here as to how challenging the first semesters are?
  4. by   bmacscsu
    i also am applying to the program at nhcc, have you guys taken the hesi test yet and do you have any idea what the score means?
  5. by   xptp29a
    I am a current first year student. Coursework is reasonable. I spend 15 hours per week preparing for classes. I also work full-time. I did well my first semester and anticipate doing well during the rest of the program. The HESI entrance exam was not required when I applied.
  6. by   patlpn444
    Are you in the day or evening program? The Hesi is not too difficult really just a review of your prereqs, but it did wean out a great portion of this years applicants. It wasn't said what the cut off score was. Overall my score was 93%. I'm starting the LPN/RN Mobility this summer. What is the math practice exam like? We were told we have 3 tries to pass it, but wasn't told what the passing score is or what the makeup of the test is like. Do you have any idea?
  7. by   patlpn444
    This is for xptp29a.
  8. by   xptp29a
    You must get at least 90% on the math test. The first attempt is your grade. You're given three attempts to pass and kicked out of the program if you don't pass on the third try. Initial test is given in class. Retakes are done on your own time in the testing center. I didn't hear of anyone in the evening and weekend who didn't pass. Examples in the Pickar book are good. Your instructors should give you a practice test that is almost identical to the real thing.

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