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Hi everyone! I am a new member. I recently applied to NHCC evening/weekend nursing program for a Fall 2007 start. I already have my BA in another field, so I only have A/P and Micro to finish up... Read More

  1. by   mollysdirtysprocket
    Hi all! I'm planning on applying to NHCC for next fall, probably the Night/weekend option but was wondering if one or the other is more competitive? Also, I currently don't have any credits at NHCC, still need to take micro and physio but I have all the others, I believe. I have a BA (good gpa) already and am currently in the Peace Corps doing health work, but it sounds like that doesn't really factor in on the acceptance decisions, right? I'm feeling kinda pessimistic about my chances. What do y'all think?
  2. by   3preemiemom
    HI ! Good for you...NHCC's program is great! I can tell you for sure that you need 3 of the 4 (bio, A/P 1, A/P 2, Micro) required sciences complete before you apply to the nursing program to be considered. Hope that info helps and GOOD LUCK!! They go strictly on grades...point system.

    Btw, there are more seats int eh day program than the night/weekend, however it all depends how many apply to each as to how competitive it is.
  3. by   mollysdirtysprocket
    Thanks everyone for the input! Now it's just time to wait and see...
  4. by   nursem007
    I am currently in the night and weekend program at NHCC. You do need at least 3 of the 4 sciences done to be competitive. I also know that if it comes down to you and another student with similair criteria, they do give more points to the student who took more classes at NHCC. I believe most people had a GPA of at least 3.5 if not higher. N&W only had 50 slots available, and I believe that day program has around 80.
    Good choice of schools for your ADN. We have the highest pass rate in the state for NCLEX than any other ADN program. You can check it out on the MN board of nursing website.

    Good luck!
  5. by   AKFLIGHTRN
    What year are you in? I know a few people in the N/W class in their first year.

  6. by   nursem007
    I am also in my first year.
  7. by   AKFLIGHTRN
    Tell Melissa M and Marisa that Matt said Hi.

    Good Luck with class.
  8. by   ashaw33
    I am curious... The program is getting hard and harder to get into. I have applied for Fall 2009 Start and don't think i will get in. I feel that I have good grades, but don't think they are good enough. I am wondering when everyone who have gotten accepted, got their acceptance letters. Did it take long? I know that May 1st is the deadline for NHCC to get the letters out. But I was curious when everyone got theirs??? Thanks
  9. by   nursem007
    I think I received mine in April. They where pretty good about taking phone calls about when letters where mailed. Try to call and see if you can get a heads up. Good Luck!!!

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