New Grad pay in twin cities??

  1. Hi--Could anyone give me info on new grad and availability??

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  3. by   Mondrian
    Hello. New grad programs vary from hospital to hospital. I've been calling around to many hospitals in the area, and most of them said to apply in January and February for summer new grad programs. Materials are online for many hospitals, but HCMC will not have information available until February (according to their nurse recruiter). As far as new grad pay, an HR staff member from North Memorial Hospital told my clinical group that new grads earn $26.xx/hour in the Twin Cities, and that pay rates are very similar between hospitals in this area. Credit is typically given for experience (LPN or RN). North Memorial requires that those who go through their new grad program work for them for at least one year, I do not know of requirements for other programs. Good luck in school, and in your job search!
  4. by   Pbelle
    Park Nicollet has a new grad program for both December and May grads. The pay is comparible to that of the other metro area hospitals, especially if you have previous CNA/LPN experience. Don't know about MA experience tho. You can apply to PN's program through January; I got my application into them in late November and interviewed for two positions at Methodist, got offered one of them (the one I wanted) and had a job before I graduated this week!

    Be aware that North Memorial's new grad program is extremely competitive - one of my friends got into the program, and was one of 15 grads to do so out of 80 applicants. She had a step up, in that she has worked for North Memorial clinics for the past 10 years as an MA.

    Allina also has a new grad program, I applied there and was offered a job at one of their facilities as well, but declined. I hear great things about their program as well.

    Good luck in your search!