new grad looking to get into mayo clinic 2017

  1. hey guys! I am currently a new grad nurse on a very busy med surg/ortho floor in FL but I am looking to transfer and move to MN and work at the Mayo clinic. I already have obtained my MN license last week and have applied to just a few positions/openings. I wanted to see if anyone had experience in their interview/hiring/ or new grad process. I would appreciate any types of heads up or any advice... ER is where my heart is craving. Thanks in advance

    Side note* any other hospitals in the MN area (preferably Minneapolis area) [FONT=Open Sans, verdana, sans-serif][COLOR=#000000]that anyone can recommend[/COLOR][/FONT]
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    I previously worked at Mayo Clinic and interviewed as a new grad in 2011. The interview process probably still looks the same. It's two interviews, one with HR and one with the floor that "selects" you. Unlike other hospitals, Mayo will not interview you for multiple positions as they don't want to compete with themselves. The HR interview for me (mind you this is in 2011) was some conversation of typical strengths and weaknesses, probably why I wanted to work there and then they had some basic nursing questions to answer. Both the nurse manager I interviewed with and HR asked some behavioral questions (i.e. Give an example of a time you went above and beyond, Give an example of a time you stood up for something you believed in). You can google search "behavioral interview questions" for examples. HR essentially told me that if they liked me I would get a job at Mayo. If I didn't end up feeling like the unit I was interviewing for was a good fit or the manager didn't feel that way they would place me and interview me for another unit. Mayo interviews less like other places, they tend to interview one person at a time for a position. So if your interview goes well you are likely to get the job. At least that's how it was 5 years ago and I've heard from others in-between that time that the process was similar for them.

    As for getting into the ER as a new grad, I know at one point they wouldn't hire direct but that may have changed.
    However if you work on a unit for a year, you can easily transfer within (if that unit is hiring). I went from med/surg to NICU with minimal experience in pediatrics. Good luck!