Need help with CEU's to keep license current

  1. Hi all, first time posting on here and really would appreciate any advice/help. I graduated in May 2010 with my BSN from Minnesota. Passed boards in June but couldn't find a RN job in the Twin Cities due to the nursing strike going on at that time. I really wanted to get my career started, so I began applying out of state. I landed a hospital job in Wisconsin in August 2010 and have been working there since.

    Recently I've been noticing how much I miss home and my family, so I'm hoping/looking into getting a job back in Minnesota by the end of summer/early fall. I know to keep a MN RN license current, you need to complete 24 CEU hours. Wisconsin doesn't require any CEU's, so I haven't done any. But now that I'm looking into moving back home, I need to start working on CEU's for MN. I've contacted the MNBON and they said I'd still need to complete all 24 hours by August 2012 (when I'm due to renew my MN license), but they couldn't/wouldn't offer any advice or recommendations to me.

    My question is, how do I go about tackling all these CEU hours from Wisconsin? Are there magazines I can subscribe to with articles and worksheets that count towards CEU hours? I can't attend any conferences or inservices in MN, a flight home from here costs anywhere from $100-200, and the drive is about 6 hours.

    Any help/insight/suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.
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  3. by   Ruas61

    I believe you can do a once in a lifetime deferment.

    You might want to take a look at some online providers for CEUs. A google search can turn up any number of vendors I bet.

    Myself, I have used Western Schools in the past to get CEU's. They had many reasonable prices courses when I used them.

    Getting CEU's is not all that scary, you don't have to come to MN to get them. You just need to make sure they meet the criteria and keep records if you were to get audited.
  4. by   muffins20

    From the MN BON website, there's an Education tab that will bring you to the above linked page, then once you're there on the very bottom is a list of online websites providing CEU's.
  5. by   newtinmpls
    I just go online and search "free CEU's" after enough times of looking around I got on mailing lists, ect. I think you can also find a bunch on it's just a matter of looking around.


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