Moving back to our homeland and don't know where to go

  1. Anyone who can help,

    I'm a beginning airline pilot (~2 years into it) and my wife has 1 year of ICU experience with a 4 year RN. I want to move to the MSP area for a new job and my wife, the nurse wants to head back too.

    Are there any hospitals in the metro area or even ST. Cloud that has new-hire benefits like moving assistance? or pehaps signing bonuses? Probably not unless she's a new-grad RN. Out in Virginia she got 10K for a two year contract and they paid us 2K to move us out here.

    Know anything back home?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   nursesarenice
    Anyone have any good things to say about Abbott Northwestern or Fairview Southdale?

    Any guesses on 4 year RN wages w/ 1 year ICU experience for these two hospitals or area hospitals?

    Thanks for your help!
  4. by   RNAbby7712
    I work at Abbott Northwestern in the ICU, get ~$26/hr. base pay with $4/hr. differential for working straight nights. It is a great hospital, I highly recommend it. I came here as a new grad and have been here almost 2 years. Ironically, my boyfriend is also an airline pilot with about 1 year experience as well. Very weird......
  5. by   stkittprincess

    I am not sure about the wages at Fairview Southdale as they are union but I do not have any info on their wages.

    I am from a small suburban town 22 miles from Twin Cities and a RN @ 25 years makes 38.50/hour not including shift diff, charge pay and good benefits. We always tried to stay as close to Twins Cities contract as possible. You also get a pay increase when you move up to next step and the once a year contract raise on a 3 year contract.

    Hope that gives you some info.