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We received a call back today and based on her behavior-based interview she is not a GOOD nurse and thus can't apply for for any of the Staff RN positions. During her interview she was given... Read More

  1. by   bigbee13
    That sounds pretty borderline with some legal issues. They better be carefull or there so called "talent plus" is going to come back and bite them. I will have to keep an eye or ear out to see if anything happens about that as I can't see everyone sitting back and letting the hospital controll the rest of there careers based on a few so called questions. Thanks for the info

    Quote from Aprilhere
    I was just told by a recently former Mayo employee that this is a new "Talent Plus" interview they're using. Not only is it for new employees...but current employees have to go through it if they try to change positions or move up. You can only EVER take it once...(which is why they told your wife she can't apply for other positions)...if a current employee "fails" it....they don't lose their job...but they are never eligible for promotions or lateral transfers. It's causing alot of dissention within the union and many staff are not happy. exp...nurses with seniority are being bipassed for promotions/transfers because of it.
  2. by   HM2VikingRN
    I think that it smells of a way to blackball a person out pf the hospital. I am not impressed by the corporate bhaviors of the Mayo system....