MN Program Interviews

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have my interview for the MN program at the U of M later this week. I was looking for some advice on preparing for it from anyone who may have been accepted into the program in the past. Also, any advice from others interviewing this year would be helpful.

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  3. by   MauriceRC
    Hey Annalin,

    I know it was a while ago, but how did your interview go? I just dropped off my application for the UMN's MN program and I can't get the butterflies out of my stomach!
  4. by   mollysdirtysprocket
    I just applied too! Very excited!
  5. by   mld1980
    I also applied...are you guys applying anywhere else?
  6. by   MauriceRC
    I am probably going to apply to Inver Hills and Normandale. I know I'll eventually want to go back for a graduate degree but if I don't get into the U I still want to get started on my RN. How about you?
  7. by   reh-student
    I also applied, and I'm a little worried after a talked-to-someone-who-knew-someone-else-who-applied scenario. It was a guy with a science undergrad who got strait A's and supposedly did everything perfect and still didn't get in to either the UMN program or the Metro State program. I thought I'd have pretty good odds being a guy with a GPA of 3.83+ in both prerequisites and previous degree. I think I wrote solid essays, and I did the nurses aid thing. I also show some volunteer work. But after that conversation I felt like maybe I'm too confident about getting in.
  8. by   mld1980
    I don't seems if this guy had that record he would have gotten in considering that his stats were well above the average for admitted students last year. The only thing I can think of those were actually his stats were that his essays were written poorly, had no volunteer experience, and/or not very good references. Do you know if he was even granted an interview?

    Did you apply anywhere else?
  9. by   MauriceRC
    My previous anatomy professor is in the program (she originally went to school for biology-I think) and I had a chance to talk to her about it. She said that a notable number of students were doctors from other countries who came to the States and decided to pursue nursing instead of trying to get into a residency program. She also said they were big on diversity so minority applicants or applicants with experience working with diverse populations were attractive candidates. She also said that 7-8 people on the waiting list were officered positions do don't get discouraged if you're wait listed.

    Good luck to you all!
  10. by   reh-student
    I don't really have any more details about that guy. I haven't applied anywhere else yet. I probably will apply to the metro-state option, but many of the BSN options don't have quite the same prerequisites. Like the accelerated one at st. cloud state requires something (can't remember what now) that isn't in the UMN MN prerequisites. So far I've only targeted that list of prerequisites. I'm also wondering how they'll view my work experience. I've been self employed as a photographer/visual production company for the last 7 years (since graduating from Bethel with a BA in Media Communication). I can't decide if that's a benefit or a liability for me.

    (I remember now that the list of prerequistes at st. cloud state is compatible, but you have to have them all complete before applying and I'm going to be taking the Human Pathology course during spring semester and won't complete it until after the application deadline.)
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  11. by   mld1980
    Quote from reh-student
    I'm also wondering how they'll view my work experience. I've been self employed as a photographer/visual production company for the last 7 years (since graduating from Bethel with a BA in Media Communication). I can't decide if that's a benefit or a liability for me.
    I think it's good...any kind of experience in the working world is going to give you an advantage over someone just graduating college. I am applying like 10 different places in hopes I can just get in somewhere

    I also signed up for the pathology course, but one school I am applying to won't accept it so I'm going to take an online pathophysiology class from Iowa. It's my only pre-req left...THANK GOD.

    And if it is any comfort, no one I have spoken to who also applied to the MN program is done with their prereqs. Some still have like 3 or 4 classes left to take.
  12. by   reh-student
    Yeah, I have 2 left that are planned for spring semester--pathology & statistics. I don't think that's what would keep me out. I'm taking the stats class at BSU for the health-care profession.

    To be honest, the news about the foreign doctors doesn't sound that encouraging. I mean, shoot, they pass the program off as being for people with unrelated backgrounds looking for a career change into nursing--I can't compete with previous experience as a physician. I suppose most of us can't.

    I'm trying to stay positive. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the cookie crumbles.
    Good Luck everyone--we're gonna need it.
  13. by   MauriceRC
    Has anyone received an email about scheduling an interview yet? I still haven't.
  14. by   mld1980
    Nope. I got an email saying we'd find out about interviews in Feb. So don't get discouraged!