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Hi Everyone, I have my interview for the MN program at the U of M later this week. I was looking for some advice on preparing for it from anyone who may have been accepted into the program in the... Read More

  1. by   mld1980
    It's an Accelerated BSN. Minnesota is still a very slight possibility to me only because it's about $300 cheaper per credit hour and I wouldn't have to spend $ to move, but I really really liked Duke's program and think it would be a good fit for me.

    Plus, when cost of living and tuition reimbursement are factored in, I might only save about 10K by going to Minnesota. STill a heck of a lot of money, but still manageable. Also, I've only been back in MN for a year, and I already am soooooo tired of the snow.
  2. by   reh-student
  3. by   mld1980
    Maybe calling to find out when we will know will alleviate some anxiety?
  4. by   reh-student
    Psshh They have to be sending the emails soon. I can't believe they'd wait until Friday. Of course, if they're making hard decisions maybe they want the weekend to prepare for the storm of emails on Monday of people asking why.
  5. by   mld1980
    Did you end up applying to Metro State?
  6. by   reh-student
    That deadline isn't until the spring. If I don't get into UMN then I'll apply to Metro State. . .and a list of others. The only other program I considered before was one at St Cloud State which was also a 16 month program for a BSN. But they required all pre-reqs be done when applying and one of those the patho class I'm currently taking. So I figured, I might as well see how this goes first. Thing is, before talking to a lot of other applicants I was really confident about getting in because I'm a guy with a pretty high GPA. But that apparently doesn't guarantee anything. And there's been other guys with higher GPAs than me that didn't get in. So who knows now. I will soon I guess.
  7. by   mld1980
    They probably just don't focus on GPA. The avg GPA of an admitted student is much lower than a 4.0 so I'm sure they look for someone who can articulate themselves well (which you obviously do).

    Did you take any other of your prereq classes at the U?
  8. by   reh-student
    No this is the only one I took at the U. Honestly, I'm paying for all the pre-reqs out of my pocket. I have four kids, and I have a photography business. I couldn't afford to take all the pre-reqs at the U. It costs twice as much.
    I figure, once I'm in the program I can actually get some decent student loans and maybe some scholarships.
  9. by   mld1980
    4 kids and going back to school? Impressive!
  10. by   reh-student
    That's also one of the reasons this program would be so much more ideal than another one. I can get through and get to work. If it's a different program it adds another year straight away.
  11. by   mld1980
    Agreed. That's why I'm willing to shell out extra money to pay for an accelerated program. I'm looking to go get my CRNA in a couple years and don't want to spend forever just getting my RN/BSN.
  12. by   reh-student
    Exactly! What was your original degree?
  13. by   mld1980
    Anthropology. You?

    The irony is I went to one of the best nursing schools in the country for undergrad (Iowa).