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  1. Just wondering where you all where from, what you are doing, CNA, LPN, RN ect. Where to you work, and why do you like Minnesota.
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  3. by   SanskeetRN
    I live by St. Cloud and will graduate from NHCC with an RN ADN in May. I am very much hoping to get a job at St. Cloud Hospital and I like Minnesota because it pays more than ND (which is where I'm from)
  4. by   Pbelle
    I just finished my LPN-RN program at MCTC. Will be working at Methodist. I'm a transplant here, not nuts about this state, but the pay is higher than I've heard of from other states.

    Good luck!
  5. by   chuchie
    Just moved back here from Cali and I like how MN is not as polluted and populated as back there. I also love the lakes, the change of seasons, and the people. I just started working as a CNA through a home health agency and will be going to Henn. Tech for LPN.
  6. by   tiroka03
    That is where I got my LPN from. The one in Eden Prairie. I loved the program. Good luck on your studies, when do you start
  7. by   xptp29a
    I'm a student in a non-nursing area. Next year after I graduate from my other schooling I'll be applying to a few ADN programs around the Twin Cities. No medical type work for me at the moment. Minnesota is a good place to live because the people are generally nice, the standard of living is pretty high, it's not too crowded and the weather is okay most of the time. Most of all though this is where I grew up and my family is here so I'll probably never leave.
  8. by   Danib_MN
    Hi, I'm new here (just registered today). Currently I am attending Normandale Community College and am in my 2nd year of the nursing program (1 more semester to go!). As far as work, I am a nursing assistant at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in the float pool, a position which I took as of this fall. I absolutely love being in the float pool and once I am done with school, I would like to either pursue a career as a cardiac nurse, CCRN or neurology. I can't make up my mind...I want to experience it all!
  9. by   chuchie
    Quote from tiroka03
    That is where I got my LPN from. The one in Eden Prairie. I loved the program. Good luck on your studies, when do you start

    I start next week and I am very excited! Did you find A & P very hard? I was originally signed up for it, but decided to do it over the summer so that it would be the only class I would focus on. Were you able to complete the program on time or were there any waiting lists? Also, where are you going to go for your RN (that is if you are) I was thinking about going to North Hennepin Com. College and then to Metropolitan State University, but I will cross that bridge when I get there. :spin:
  10. by   tiroka03
    At first I was intimiated by the A & P class. But, as it went on, the class wasn't as hard as I had anticpated. The one area I struggled in was the edocrine system. I really liked their medical terminology class. All in all I had a good experience. There was a lot of one to one teaching when you needed it. I felt my questions were all answered. I know they have changed some of the classes. This in my opionion would have hindered my job experience. I took a pediatric class and clinical, and I believe they don't have that one anymore. They said there isn't enough LPNs who find themselves on peds units. I have found myself on two pediactric units in my 12 years of nursing and also newborn nursery. I would have been lost without that course.

    Also there is always one teacher, I suppose anywhere, who is a hold out from the army. Tough, hard to please, shouldn't be teaching. My one experience which stands out was we were supposed to show and pass a hands on test of putting an ace wrap on someones foot up to their knee.
    This particular teacher wouldn't accept my work. It was really insane, so I behind her back wrapped several other people's legs for fellow students who passed. But mine was never good enough. Finally, did one that passed for one of my classmates, they never removed it and when she looked at the very same one she didn't pass me again.

    I wondered if I would ever pass any of her classes or clinicals. I managed to tell her what I thought (respectfully) of how she was singling me out. She said, "I thought you would never stand up for yourself." After that she treated me as a pet student.

    I am working on my RN, through the Excelsior college. I would recommend going to a regual school unless it is impossible. For me, working full time, a single mom, and two children with handicapps precluded my adding school to that schedule. I am going slowly, and it is more expensive, and there is no grants or student loans. But, still I have gotten about 1/2 through it.

    It sounds like you have a good plan in mind. It also sounds like you are leaving yourself open to different possiblities. I envy you, but I wouldn't change my own place in life for a million dollars.
  11. by   chuchie
    Thank you so much for the info tiroka03, I really appreciate it! That does seem odd about that teacher, I guess I will have to keep my eyes open for her. I'm going to be in the Brooklyn Park campus, so maybe I won't have to go there, but (as you said) there's probably one at every school. I looked online, but I see that they have ommited the pediatric class, which is disappointing. Any other classes that were challenging or difficult? Were you able to complete the program in time? It looks like the two foundations classes and A & P are the hardest to get into.
  12. by   tiroka03
    At the time I thought the classes were interesting and somewhat difficult. But if you get in with a decent set of students to study with, it makes a lot of difference. I felt like my brain was filled to the brim some days, like a sponge, once it gets so full, nothing else will sink in. Then I would take a break and let the information settle into my brain.

    After being a nurse, I wished the classes were more in depth. I felt out of my league when I first began. I still feel that way a lot, and it forces me to look up things and keep studying. Seems like you can never know it all. But you can keep trying to understand the things you are responsible for.

    It might seem fast paced sometimes, but there are days that everything falls together and makes sense. Those are the times that keep you going. You can never memorize enough, so make your study cards, and read them until you feel your going to throw up. You will be glad you did.
  13. by   PedsRN-07
    Quote from Pbelle
    I just finished my LPN-RN program at MCTC. Will be working at Methodist. I'm a transplant here, not nuts about this state, but the pay is higher than I've heard of from other states.

    Good luck!
    Hey! I see that you went to MCTC for the mobility program. How long did it take you to get in the program when you applied?? I am trying to get in for next fall 2008 at MCTC after I finish my LPN in May. Did you take their Anatomy at MCTC or transfered it? is the program pretty competitive? How long did it take you to get your acceptance letter? and for Clinicals, do the instructor go with you to the site? sorry for so many questions, but I am very interested in the program and would also like to work at Methodist after I graduate the from their RN mobility. Thanks! =)
  14. by   sweetiez
    Hi im amber im 21 years old. and JUST starting nursing programs.. im really excited. i plan to be all done in 2010 i hope!
    I love mn because its beautiful here i love our seasons. I will forever be a MN girl! no matter where i go.

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