Mayo Clinic New Grad RN October 2017

  1. Hello! I am about to graduate in a week from UC Irvine and I was hired for a position in the Neuro ICU at St. Marys Hospital/Mayo Clinic. Any new graduate nurses going to Rochester this Fall? Anyone coming from out of state? How have you guys started the process of licensure for the Minnesota Board of Nursing? Thanks so much and have a great day. Can't wait to meet you all!
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  3. by   Lizeth92
    Hey! I will be starting this August and I will be coming from Texas! Have you found a place to live already? Any recommendations?
  4. by   KatheClaire
    I will be starting in two weeks at the PCU cardiovascular/transplant floor. I am moving from Florida and found a month to month apartment called the parker which is in walking distance to mayo and its employee shuttle. Just follow the steps on the MN nursing board online, i obtained mine about a week after submitting mine (but I was already licensed in FL)
  5. by   KatheClaire
    I would start looking now! I went about two weeks ago and a lot of apartments were already booked!
  6. by   RNBSNally
    I will be starting in October! I am coming from Chicago. I haven't been up to Rochester in a few years and so not sure where to look for housing. Based on my online search, I think the best option is to find a roommate and split the cost as a two bedroom is essentially the same price as a one bed room (about 1300-1400 for 2Bd2Ba). Are any other 22 year old girls interested in possibly looking together for a September/October lease? Also, just paid the $105.00 to get my licensure my endorsement on the MN board of nursing site- it was very easy if you are already licensed!
  7. by   thenurse19
    hey! any tips on getting in as a new grad?
  8. by   Nurse_Courtney
    Hey thenurse19- I was just offered a position, and I would say the best way to get a job as a new graduate is to offer something different than other candidates. Some candidates obsess about GPA, but GPA certainly isn't everything. Have someone check your resume, and really highlight your strengths. Did you have a previous job, previous volunteer experience, nursing organizations, etc? If you had an Externship, Capstone, or Preceptorship highlight that on your resume... Just show how special you are!
  9. by   Lcolbenson
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