1. Hello, i have accepted a job at mayo clinic in rochester mn and i am wondering if some mayo nurses could give me some advice on housing and apartments and areas to live at while in rochester.

    Also, are there any other new grads who will be starting this fall at mayo clinic?

    I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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  3. by   Yownie
    Wow! Congratulations! Are you a new graduate? What area will you be assigned? I am also interested to apply. Did you apply under their Nurse Residency Program? Thank you.
  4. by   Lizeth92
    Yes I am a new graduate! I will be working on the oncology floor
  5. by   bkchung
    I am a going to be a new grad nurse and will be moving from Hawaii. I'll be on a plastics unit at Methodist Hospital, but it'd be great to meet you guys!
  6. by   Lizeth92
    Great! Have you found a place to live? If so, do you have any recommendations?
  7. by   fsaleif
    Hi everyone, I'm starting in July!
    If you're looking for apartments - pretty much everything in Rochester is expensive (one BR around 900/month average). There are a bunch of property management companies. I've heard good things about IRET but a few of the smaller places are also good. I heard to stay out of the SE area, but after visiting, and being from an area with a significantly higher amount of crime, there isn't really any "bad" neighborhoods. If you want to know anything else feel free to let me know!
  8. by   Lizeth92
    Hey! I will be starting in August and I will be coming from Texas what about you?? I agree, mostly everything I have seen online and on different apps I've seen that a decent one bedroom apartment is about 900. Have you decided where you will be living already? I have yet to go and visit but will do so beginning of July! Which floor will you be working at?
  9. by   KatheClaire
    I'll be starting in two weeks at the Saint Mary's campus on a PCU cardiovascular/heart transplant floor. I found housing at the Parker of rochester its dorm style and fully furnished month to month rent. I would look around as soon as possible because things fill up fast
  10. by   Lizeth92
    great! Thanks for the info!
  11. by   diverson
    Hi, I will be starting August 21st and I was wondering what the people who started in July have thought of their experience so far?
  12. by   Lizeth92
    I start August 7!
  13. by   diverson
    I hope your first week went well!
  14. by   rnbay2017
    Hi guys, how have you liked your time at Mayo so far? I was offered a position there and am deciding whether or not to move from CA.

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