Help! Preparing for NCLEX - RN; Years after graduation!

  1. My plan is to give this all I've got and I could use any of the latest and greatest tips out there! I'm not sure of THE BEST resource for content review and that of course is my main weakness. (I hear Kaplan is not the ideal content review resource.) I'm trying to put a six month review plan together and just need some pointers on where to begin.

    I graduated from an AAS program 10 years ago and that's feeling like an awfully long time to even be considering this. (I'm overwhelmed with regret but I have to get past that.) Extenuating circumstances kept me from taking the exam and I fell into a fabulous career that I've loved because it just keeps giving back!

    So - finally, I'm doing this no matter what and plan to finish what I started!! Do any of you know of any local mentors or nurse educators who may help me with addiinal content review? I've heard some state nursing boards provide mentors in cases like this but I haven't found that to be true in MN. Thanks for any advice you can give!! - particularly in the are of content review! (Negative Nellies: Please refrain from comments that may be discouraging!)

    Side note: Does anyone know if I can take the LPN exam in Minnesota since I'm eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam? Just wondering if that's an option.
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  3. by   lawright1023
    I am in the same boat exactly. I have lots of NCLEX Prep Stuff just need to get down the Content which for some stuff comes easily but others with much greater difficulty. If you think we can set-up some sort of study stuff on-line let me know if you are interested. I am in CA. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   1adb10
    Kaplan teaches you how to take the test and strategies.... but you must know the content for the strategies to work.. HURST is good on content review!!
  5. by   1adb10
    Good luck ladies you can do it!!

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