Help? CNA and RN program.

  1. Hello everyone! I'm new in this forum and I need everyone's advice and input. I'm currently in a RN program and have only 3 months of experience as a CNA in a nursing home. Because I'm not working in a hospital, what are my chances of being hired by a hospital after graduation? And, does anyone know any hospitals/facilities in MN that provides a good learning experiences for CNA if applied and accepted into? I've not lived in MN long enough to know much about which hospital or facility is good or not.

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  3. by   RNerd81
    Where in MN are you located, or where would you like to be located?
  4. by   xbebecx
    I would google search hospitals in MN. Sometimes there are reviews of the hospitals as well. Have you thought about applying to a hospital as a CNA? I work on a med-surg floor as a nurse tech and I see a ton of what the Nurses do, which helps in nursing school.

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  5. by   StacyMN
    Maybe Andover, Minnesota.
  6. by   StacyMN
    Hey, I've seen a lot of Nurse Tech job posting through Fairview in Minnesota but I never hear from them. What hospital do you work in? I would LOVEEE to get a job as a nurse tech, please let me know more info. Thanks!
  7. by   raya88
    hello everyone
    i graduated from a cna program last nov and i yet to find a job :,,( i applied every where and my resume is very good .. i feel like am not geting hierd cuz i dont have any experince .. yesterday i applied at mercy medical hospital they need ED tech requirment cna didnt say nothing about experince needed ..what should i do next should i call hr and see whats going on should i fax them my resume?? wel here is a copy of my resume maybe u guys can help me by improving it or something ... i am in rn program at farmingdale and i would love to be working with my cna since i still have 3 years to go .. any help would be really really appreciated ..

    Contact Information:
    Raya Hamawi
    Roosevelt Ave. Valley Stream NY
    Phone: .......

    Objective: Certified Nurse’s Assistant seeking challenging position in which to expand upon my skills and knowledge base.
    Skills and Qualifications:
    C.N.A. certification obtained December 06, 2011
    Cpr and first aid certified obtained August, 2012
    Able to provide care safely and effectively
    Proficient in basic skills, bathing, bed making, feeding, ambulating, vital signs as ordered
    Promptly attends to needs of patient
    Willing to learn new skills
    Excellent communication with other members of health care team; follows appropriate chain of command
    Proficient in Safety Procedures
    Knowledgeable in medical terminology
    Charts effectively
    Valley Stream South High School class of 2007
    Attended Allen School C.N.A program, obtained certification December 06, 2011
    178-50 Linden Boulevard
    Jamaica, New York 11434-1467
    -Preform CNA skills as ordered including, ambulating patients, making beds, and preform feedings.

    Anne-Marrie Emanuel, BSN, C.N.A. Program Instructor
    Kitanya Galoub, RN, Nurse Supervisor at Unlimited Care
    1 (917) 500-1336