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  1. I have been told that Hazelden in Minnesota now have dual programs for chemical dependency and mental illness. This sounds like a perfect place for me to work. Anyone work there or know about it as a place to work at in mental health and chemical dependence? Krisssy
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi Krissy - I don't know details about Hazelden but I did hear William C. Moyers speak a month ago at a conference on addiction at MIT. He was awesome - he is 12 years sober from crack and alcohol.

    I've heard very good things about Hazelden.

    (William Moyers is Bill Moyers' son. Bill is the famous journalist who does all those specials on PBS).

  4. by   Spazzy Nurse
    I haven't heard anything about it being dual dx now but that would be pretty neat.

    There are several short term (90 day usually) residential tx facilities in the Twin Cities and some are dual dx. About a year and a half ago they required that there be a FT LPN on staff plus an RN Consultant PT. I have been at one of these facilities for almost 8 years, first as an LPN and now an RN and I love it. Not as exciting as Hazelden, but still a fun job.
  5. by   altheakimjones
    Hazelden Foundation, the treatment mecca that made Minnesota a top destination for beating addiction, is in many ways enjoying some of its best years as a business.The number of patients is growing. Donations are up. There's a new graduate school. A new women's center overlooks a lake on the bucolic campus.

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