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  1. Hello,

    I am newly living in the twin cities from Rochester and am trying to get a feel for people's opinions of the area hospitals. I am most specifically looking at NICU and Labor & Delivery specialties. I am feeling less than enthused about my position at Woodwinds - non supportive managers, no flexibility in scheduling (fixed schedule), poor/short orientation and a lot of cancelling. I worked for Mayo Clinic prior to moving here, which is non-union, and never had an issue, but it seems the hospitals up here are less supportive of their staff, hence the need for the union.

    What are the best hospitals to work for and why?

    Is your pay and benefits competitive?

    What is the climate of your unit/hospital? Is there good teamwork? Is the culture ever hostile?

    Do you have flexible scheduling? Self scheduling? What shift or rotation do you work? Are there options for rotating or straight positions? 8s, 12s or both?

    These are a handful of questions I'm thinking about and would love to get a feel for various hospitals before applying/considering jobs.

    Thanks for your help!
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