Are there any rn jobs in minnesota

  1. Hello,
    I have been planning on moving to Minnesota ( Minny-St. Paul area) for over a year. Now that the time has finally come I have interviewed at one hospital and they kept saying over and over that they had numerous applicants and that if I could not move next week and be ready to start that they probably would not offer me a position. I explained to them that I cannot just up and move without a definite job offer but they keep saying that I would need to start in less than two weeks. I was hoping for at least one month to give notice to my employer and finish packing etc for the 2,000 mile journey or trip.
    I have gone on-line to all the hospitals etc and there are 0-1 RN nursing positions. I just need some help from those of you out there in Minnesota to update me and let me know if there are any jobs still out there. I never would have believed one year ago that I would have this much trouble finding a nursing job.
    I just completed my MSN in nursing to teach and I have worked in ICU settings for the past 20 years (currently employed in ICU).
    Any suggestions will be appreciated. Janet
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  3. by   mom2cka
    St Cloud State is hiring instructors, but the hospital itself is not hiring much at this time. We're just a bit north of the Cities. Good luck - it seems like it's pretty tight out there.
  4. by   bitter_sweet
    I agree with the above poster. I live in the Twin Cities and work in conjunction with HCMC. I know they are currently not actively hiring for staff RNs. Though they have several other positions on their website for RN supervisors.

    Good Luck!
  5. by   bitter_sweet
    Here is the website, if you are interested.

    and click "Employment" on the left side of the page
  6. by   Janet Rawlinson
    Thank-you for responding. I will keep my eye out. I have gone to the one website where there are supervisor jobs listed. I have done supervisor work before for 2-3 years but I went back to the bedside while I was going to school and taking care of my elderly father. I will look at that again. I did see the St Cloud instructor job but really do not want to drive that far. Thanks again. Janet
  7. by   noc4senuf
    Most twin cities hospitals are laying off currently.
  8. by   dancermom5-6-7-8
    Not many jobs unless you have a lot of experience in specific area, and they happened to be hiring. Most all are currently laying off nurses with 20 years experience due to unpaid hospital bills from past patients. People are unable to pay due to the economy so they layoff nurses to avoid not being able to fullfill paychecks. Sad. I graduated in December and have found nothing. Not even the VA Hospital is hiring unless you yourself are a veteran.
  9. by   noc4senuf
    THat is not the reason that we have been told by many hospital discharge planners. The reason is due to the economy, people are not going to the clinics for regular or needed appts, or having elective surgeries. They are waiting until they are extremely ill and going to the E.R., the E.R. is holding them there on an observation status from 2 days up to a known two weeks. This way they are not being admitted to the hospital cutting down the need to staff it higher. It also hinders the eldserly from using their medicare benefit that requires a 3 day hospital stay.
  10. by   livesinscrubs
    sad to say many hospitals in this area are laying off nurses, not hiring or cutting hours.. someone told me that home health may be hiring.. i didn't look into myself so i wouldn't know.
    some places are going through their second round of layoffs with other hospitals requiring nurses to rebid for their positions.

    if you currently have a job, i would advise you keep that one if you can, losing seniority at this time would not be a good move

    good luck