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Asking all students who have been enrolled in the RN to BSN online program and have a DAR, what are the specific number of credits that must be taken as of Fall '12 if you have transfer credits that cover all your pre-reqs and general ed? I start in the Fall and based on my transfer report (they state my DAR won't be ready till end of summer, I hope they meant this summer), all I would need to take are the 9 required NRSE courses. I found outdated but still posted by OU program requirements that stated the minimum number of credits that must be taken at OU was 60 credits; is this still true?

I have read (an most institutions have a similar requirement) that there is a minimum amount of credits that have to be fulfilled at OU. In other words, I'm not going to get away with just taking 31 credits and getting a BSN. The OU websites are so vague, have multiple outdated links, etc...., that I'd really like to get feedback from actual students. I'll have to borrow additional money and spend time taking "filler" courses to satisfy this "mystery" requirement.

I'm awaiting a response from my just appointed advisor, but like I said, I'd really love to hear from fellow students. I had a few glitches during my application process, and although all was fixed, when I would call the school I would get very vague answers, always saying. "oh everything is ok, don't worry, it will go through...", as though they were not even sure. If I'm borrowing all this money and cutting back on work hours, I need to know everything up front; vague responses and things like "DARs will take a while" don't instill confidence. I'm not big on late breaking surprises, like..."oh yeah, its your 2nd semester and guess what, you have to take online pottery and 6 additional classes to fulfill your credit requirement......"

Thanks so much for your help on this, I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling unsure about this.

I would really like to know about this also!!!

I can only answer the question about the minimum number of classes needed based on the existing program, before the switch to semesters from quarters. The RN-BSN program consisted of 12 courses for a total of 50 credits (a mix of 4 and 5 credit courses). If you previously satisfied all of the Tier 1 and 2 requirements (English, Jr level composition, arts, humanities, social science, etc), you could complete the program by taking just those 12 courses. OU has some specific requirements that are difficult to satisfy, e. g., Cross-cultural Perspectives, so most students need to take more than just the 12 nursing courses. OU exempted me from NRSE 416 and 445 on the basis of my MBA, which ostensibly meant that I was down to 10 courses and 42 credits. That catch there is that OU also a residency requirement of 45 credits. In order to meet that requirement, I need to take an elective course, something I elected to do this summer session. So the answer to your question is: 45 credits (under the quarter system).

If you read through the main OU thread, you will see that I have been very vocal in criticizing the school for the time they take to process your application and complete the transcript review process. They are however very fair in their review and my sense (which many others on this board will confirm) is that the advisers and evaluators really do have the students' interests at heart and try their best to give you a fair and thorough evaluation. This is not always the case at other schools - one Texas school that I am familiar with required that I take freshman English, intro to Psych and a host of other classes and refused to actually look at the catalog descriptions (freshman English was called ENG 001 and they required that it be called ENG 101, same kind of thing for intro Psych and the other courses). This, despite the fact that I had at least 4 advanced English courses and was a Psych minor with 6 classes beyond intro. They refused to budge even after I sent them photocopies of the catalog AND letters from the department heads. I had no such problem with OU, who really did bend over backward to ensure that I got the maximum possible credit. My only complaint is the time this took: I applied in Feb and did not have my final DARS until July. It was however, worth the wait.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to comment on student loans. Many do not realize that student loans are the only form of credit that is not dischargeable, ever, for any reason. If you borrow $50,000 you must pay back the $50k plus interest even if you are unemployed, become disabled, have to pay humongous hospital bills because your insurance company screwed you, etc. You have to pay and pay in full. Some people will still be paying student loans off in their retirement years (Sounds unbelievable but check out this story: College loans follow some to old age - Sun Sentinel ). The moral of the story is: Don't borrow unless you absolutely have to and if you have to, borrow as little as possible.

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Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I have seen many of your posts re: OU when I was searching for an answer to my question and they have helped give many of us insight into the ups and downs of the program. Your answer about the residency requirement was exactly what I was looking for; with the switch to semesters (31 credits), I'm hoping that they will tweak the requirement, but I'm not holding my breath. Excellent point you make about financial aid, I'm still paying back my RN and a portion of a BS degree in finance. Student loans will follow you to the grave, I hadn't planned on going for a BSN, but it turns out it is really needed these days to open up opportunities.

Thanks again!

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It appears that the residency requirement for the BSN was converted to 30 credit hours with the quarter to semester change. :yeah:

It appears that the residency requirement for the BSN was converted to 30 credit hours with the quarter to semester change. :yeah:

Did the school confirm this, because according to my DARS and advisor i need to take electives in addition to all nursing classes + 2 pre-reqs which i took at OU.

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The residency requirement that is now 30 credits applies to the minimum number of credits a student must complete at OU to gain a BSN. For example, if a new student transfers in and has all of their pre-reqs and gen ed requirements already satisfied by accepted transfer credits, they would only have to complete the 31 credits of the program made up of the NRSE courses. Hence, the residency requirement would be fulfilled.

The current OU requirements regarding residency credits are about halfway down this webpage:

OHIO: Q2S | University Requirements

Thanks i think my issue is not residency but graduation requirements

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The residency requirement means that you have to take a certain number of courses with OU. So, the 30 credits applies. It doesnt have anything to do with where you live, resident means "at OU"

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