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what is the minimum gpa for millgan colllege nursing program in johnson city tn?

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Daytonite has 40 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in med/surg, telemetry, IV therapy, mgmt.

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there was no specific information given about admission requirements to their nursing program on their website. admission to the school itself, if you are a transfer student (24 or more credit hours taken elsewhere), is a gpa of at least a 2.0. and act and sat scores are not required.

in reading the nursing section of the college catalog i got the impression that advancement to progressively higher levels of nursing classes was dependent on a further application submitted by the student and department approval. i found this statement on page 115 of the college catalog, "all students seeking to pursue the curriculum plan leading toward a baccalaureate degree in nursing are required to follow a three-step process: initial acceptance, progression, and retention. students who have been initially accepted are not guaranteed progression in the nursing major. progression must be sought through an application process and is limited by the availability of spaces in the class."

i strongly suggest you download and read the college catalog (http://www.milligan.edu/academics/pdf/catalog.pdf) and then call the nursing department to ask specific questions that you have. you can get telephone numbers from the website and catalog (423/461-8700)

http://www.milligan.edu/ - milligan college website

http://www.milligan.edu/bsn/index.htm - department of nursing

http://www.milligan.edu/bsn/catalog.htm - about their nursing program

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