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So I'm currently in the military and am wanting to transfer to Seattle U with my pre-nursing degree. My question is will my military background make my application look good?

Hi! I'm also in the military and have applied to UW and PLU. I didn't apply to Seattle U bc of cost, if you go to WA nursing, there should be a thread about going on about this years applicants, they might be able to answer more questions. I know PLU seems to favor military experience. Are you in the medical field? I'm hoping all schools at least see it as an experience that gives you more experience in diversity, communication, leadership, etc. I'm in a class that prepares you to go back to civilian life (in the AF we call it TAPS) and a lot of what they teach you is a lot of companies don't necessarily see the military as something that puts you more in favor of being accepted into school or job position. That's why it's crucial to ensure you have someone assist you in writing resumes to target those civilian jobs as well as school application essays, interviews, etc. good luck, did you apply this year?

Unfortunately my job is not in the medical field, I'm in security forces. I've got a little over 2 years left so I'll be applying in 2015. I want to apply to PLU as well.

Don't worry I feel your pain, I'm a C-17 crew chief :) are you stationed at mcchord? PLU is awesome, they have smaller classes & you get over a 1,000 more clinical hours. UW is my #1 bc of the AF's nurse enlisted commissioning program. Have you heard of it? It's a program that pays you to finish your degree, take & pass the NCLEX & then they'll commission you to 2nd Lt, send you to commissioned officer training (COT) and the nurse transition program. It's an amazing program, I would be applying to it this year but my career functional would not release me to apply bc we are undermanned :/ so I'm looking at AFELA or go reserves and finish it that way.

I wish I was at McChord, but army takes care of most of the law enforcement so I got stuck at fairchild. I actually have looked into the enlisted to commision program. I've talked to my first sgt about it. My husband isn't fond of the idea because he was prior military and we had many back to back deployments and now wants nothing to do with the military. Also I think id have to give the Air Force 10 more years of active duty once commissioned. So that is definitely an option for me to think about. I definitely want to go guard after getting a BSN. Are you from the seattle area?

No, I'm from TN, we are a dual military family as well. My hubby is currently deployed & the multiple deployments def take their toll, especially on our family. Plus the threat & stress of both being deployed (we have a four year old & two year old) is a constant worry. They already told him he'll be gone again 6-8 months after he returns this summer. I'm third on the list to go for my shop (we're both global enablers, so we don't have a set downtime or AEF band/bucket) I think you guys fall in the same category? You're basically at the AF beck & call, if they need you, even if you just got home, you have to go? I just passed my 10 year mark, but I think I'm just going to let my enlistment run out & finish my BSN while in the reserves or guard.

Btw the 10 years thing is so that your retirement certificate says officer vs enlisted. You still get rank served in last three years & can retire at 20. 6 months after, you can request to change it to the officer rank you held.

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Not sure what your school's policy is, but at ours, as long as you qualify, you're in if you're a vet or AD.

What school do you go to?

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I'm in school in CA, so it probably won't work for you if you're stationed up near Seattle.

How did you find out what your school's policy was? Are you active duty?

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How did you find out what your school's policy was? Are you active duty?

You can just contact the department. Call or e-mail. I found out through an info session the department head hosted.

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