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Military Options for Nursing Students

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Hello All,

First off, thank you for any help with this topic. My name is Hunter and I am currently in nursing school with approximately 1.5 years left. I am 30 years old and currently work as an EMT in southern California. My older brother joined the military a year ago and I have been considering joining. I looked into some options but seem to get a lot of ambiguous information. I have tried to talk to recruiters at carreer fairs at my school and all they tell me is to wait till I graduate and have 6 months experience to apply. I know I do not qualify for ROTC, due to my age and the amount of school I have left. Are there any options out there to join while I am in school? If so what are the Pros and Cons?


Again thank you for any help!!!



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It depends on whether or not the 3 branches are taking new grad nurses or not.  Sometimes, the ROTC pipeline fills up all of the new grad slots.  In that case, they only take new nurses.  Other times, they need to take new grads; in that case, you start applying about a year out from graduation.

That situation changes from year to year.  Only a recruiter would know for sure.  I would recommend you compare all 3 branches to open up more options.

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