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Military nurses treatment of civilian nurses

by sandman88 sandman88 (New) New Nurse

Hi.  I’m a male lpn starting a job in a primary clinic at ft.  Jackson army base in sc.   do active duty people treat you well or look down on you?  More specifically, army active duty RN’s, LPNs, physicians?????   

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Nunya, BSN

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I don't think they look down on civilians, as long as you do your job.  I think in some cases they envy us (I know I did when I was military) because all civilians really have to do is go to work.  Military have extra duties.  You'll be fine, don't worry!

jfratian, MSN, RN

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Yeah, you're largely treated much better.  I know every unit I've worked on generally gave civilians their first choice of vacation and schedule.  They were afraid that they would just call out if they didn't get their way.  It's way harder for a military person to call out sick.

medivac618, ASN, CNA, RN, EMT-B

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As an enlisted Medic, I made sure to always be courteous and professional with all civilian staff on post. GS staff aren’t there to be warfighters, they are there to help us with our overall function. As long as you show respect and do your job it shouldn’t be an issue. 😁