Migraines. Ugg. I can't take it.


I have been having migraines since I was 15, and finally decided it was time to see a neurologist at age 21. I have been on several medications since my dx, and after a while the headaches seem to go away, but come back to haunt me.

I have been having a migraine every day since the "heatwave" has begun, and was able to see my MD. I was given a MRI, CT and everything came out normal. I have been put on Zoming, and Maxalt, and they seem to work.

My question is How do you deal with a migraine, and you have to work, and or go to school? Prior to the last two months my migraines did not effect my work or school, but now I am a little concerned due to going to school full time and working. I don't want to miss school unless an emergency, and I have FMLA for work if needed.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be great. Thank you.:)

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We request that you not ask for NOR provide medical advice on AN.

Asking how you deal with a migraine while working i.e. - do you try to avoid light, perhaps ask for an assignment in a quieter part of the unit.

When you provide med suggestions, you are providing medical advice.

We ask that you contact your provider. Thanks.

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