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In the state of Arizona, does the midwife have the ability to first assist in Cesarean births? I have been debating CNM, NP and PA but I definitely want to be delivering and assisting in C-Sections. Misery to me would be following women through OB care but not being able to deliver...Please educate me as best as possible! :)

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Yes, as far I know. We had one practice that had a CNM who worked in the clinic and also was first assist at scheduled C/S. She did not have privileges to practice at the hospital.

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At our hospital, if a midwifery patient has to go for a C/S, she will usually accompany the woman into the OR as emotional support for the parents.

But if you're there as the midwife in deck, you can't just change gears and scrub in. You're usually taking care of other patients at the same time.

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Where I work at the midwife can go in as first assist(but I'm in Louisiana)...however, for the most part it is the resident and the attending physician who go in and the midwife isn't really needed.

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In North Dakota they do.

It seems like it is state specific and maybe even hospital specific ???

Hopefully as a midwife your C/S rate will be super low anyway! :)

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The midwives I work with always scrub in at night or if they are busy then a family medicine resident will be called. It is probably hospital specific vs. state specific.

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