Midland Michigan anyone?


Hello fellow RNs!

My family and I are considering a move to the Midland, Michigan area. I have been an ADN RN for 17 years, and have worked the past 10 in Labor and Delivery. I have also completed one travel assignment as an LDRP RN.

Will hospitals in Michigan hire experienced ADNs?

Also, as I am trying to determine what I will be able to afford in regards to rent/mortgage, is anyone willing to share with me what RN wages might look like for me?

Thank you so much!


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Thanks to KatieMI for messaging me! I am not able to respond by PM due my lack of activity on the site.

Has 33 years experience.

I would research the websites of area hospitals for job openings.

I would also be concerned about moving to Midland, and future jobs, period... with the Dow Company merger in progress.


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I'm familiar with the Midland area. I have no idea what their hiring practices are but I believe that wages are comparable to those of the Saginaw hospitals. If so, an RN with your experience would get roughly $30/hr base. I can't remember if they are union or not, but if they are that figure will likely be a bit higher.