Middle Georgia State University Spring 2019

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Has anybody applied to the BSN or ASN program at Middle Georgia State University For spring 2019 & would like to share stats ?


Unfortunately i missed the deadline for Aug. 17th but have contacted someone to see if that deadline is extended.

I have a GPA of 3.7, TEAS 80

Did they say if they were going to extend the deadline for you ?


Has the Nursing department announced the application deadline for fall 2019?

The Spring 19 selection is closed and won't be accepting additional applications. The Fall 2019 (Cochran Campus) selection will begin on Jan. 3rd and deadline is Feb 17th (I think)

Do you know how many people will be accepted to the spring cohort?

And are you applying to BSN OR ASN ?

I believe they are accepting 50 students into the ASN cohort, not sure about BSN.

Do you know when we will find out about acceptance or denial ?

Letters were sent out this week.

Yeah I received my acceptance letter yesterday , did you get accepted?

Does anyone know if we will have to get titer tests for immunizations? I received acceptance for the BSN.

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