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  1. Greetings, CCNurses, Im a step-down ICU(mostly medical) nurse. I have been doing this job for a year and a half and desperately need a change. This was my first job out of nursing school. I really wanted to do critical care nursing and enjoy learning and applying the knowledge however I did not want to go directly into ICU for fear that my lack of experience could grant an unstable patient a celestial discharge. The step down unit I work on has a high acuity level (i.e. all vented patients, some on stable gtts, with multiple co-morbidities, I also have ACLS) The problem is, improper staffing of the unit, everyone and I mean EVERYONE is a full code regardless condition (ethics never bothers with our unit) Many of these patients are unresponsive due to anoxic events or their bodies had enough of our interventions, they all have multiple decubs and some of the families have rediculous expectations or are just plain in it to get social security and maybe sue the hospital. It is very depressing and I want out before I become totally disgusted with nursing. I worked hard to get here, graduated with honors while putting myself through school as a single mother with two children (I now have the huge student loans to prove it). What areas of critical care nursing have you found rewarding? What qualities/qualifications must a nurse possess to work in these types of areas? Are there any good places to work in SouthEast Michigan that treat nurses like human beings. I would greatly value any feedback that you more experienced RN's may have
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  3. by   askater11
    I work in MI and YES there's places that treat you great!!!

    Suggestion regarding ICU nursing. Probably other nurses will have better suggestions since I'm not in ICU yet.

    In 3-4 years I hope to get a ICU position. (after my kid's have grown) I've worked step-down. Now I'm interested in getting into the I.C.U. unit once my kid's are older.

    After year's of working at the same place I've figured where I do and don't want to work. I've been pulled a lot so I have a good idea.

    Talk to other I.C.U. nurses. Talk with other pool nurses. They'll tell you where it's "good" and "bad". Ask about any concerns. ((how's management, nurse patient ratio (do they follow it)etc.)

    A lot of nurses I've worked with have gone to the same unit. And have stayed at that unit for a long time.

    I'm learning that sometimes it's important to look for the job positions that don't have a long list of openings. It's more than likely the more "stable" unit....those nurses are staying their for a reason.

    The good critical nurses I've worked with are "good critical thinkers" and always willing to learn more. (everyday on a unit is a learning experience)

    Good luck!!! (there's a position out there for you!!!!!)
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    I start in our 8 bed ICU unit tomorrow. Am transferring from a 30 bed medical cardiac/respiratory floor. Biggest reason for my transfer is the Head Nurse of our ICU. She is the best! All of the nurses that I have talked with who previously worked the unit that I left have said so. Plus, I wanted Critical Care experience and was sick of med-surg after 4 years. I am scared, nervous and excited all at the same time! I can't wait! I know I'll have a hard time sleeping tonight!:kiss