Tips on making that ICU bed look perfect after a bath - page 4

Hey folks. I completely admire those gifted nurses who are able to make their patients look and smell like a commercial for the 4 seasons after the bed bath. I am so bad at it... any advice? ... Read More

  1. by   RN Joe 86
    Basically, have them presentable as if you would expect your own mother or father to look if they were in the unit. PS, speaking of ICU bed change/ wash, as turning a patient with ARDS to the side to clean his bum bum the other day the turn put him into an SVT. Yikes! Remember, even bed changes/ washes have their risks. Cheers!
  2. by   NIUredblack
    We have this Johnson and Johnson no more tears hair detangler that smells like apples. I like to put that in the bath water. Also, I think that scrubbing bar soap into washrags gets 'em nice and clean too.

    For the room, I notice that stuff just seems to collect the longer a pt is there. I like to put unnecessary items in a belonging bag and store in the closet to free up counter space. Makes things look like they are in control. When stuff is strewn everywhere it just looks chaos.