1. I put this in this forum because I am a SICU nurse by specialty.

    Ive been away from nursing for a year while in Iraq, and now Ill be returing to the floor in about a month or more.

    Ive got some CCRN vids and a couple books Im working on to get back in the game.

    Any of you been away from nursing for a year or more then returned? What did you do to get up to speed? Anything you'd do different?

    I think I might ask for a mini reorientation too when I get back.

    Comments appreciated-

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  3. by   nicolentony
    Definitely ask for a short reorientation. You'll do great! It's like riding a bike!
  4. by   dorimar
    Ha, I thougth this was about WPW or some such thing. LOL. You'll do fine. It's like riding a bike. I stepped away from the bedside to do house supervisor for 1 year, and you don't forget. If it was alonger time frame maybe, as technology and research in health care changes so much. There have been some new evidenced based practice protocals. Try logging on to the IHI site. (I think that's right, Institute for Health Improvement)