Quad and 5 lumen CVP's

  1. At my previous hospital, the docs were starting to put in Quad lumen CVP lines.
    I loved 'em!
    At my current hospital, we're still using triple lumens exclusively.
    In my search to find out more info on quad lumens, I came across
    info for 5 lumen CVP's!!

    Do any of you use them? Or have any ideas on how I can
    get my hospital to at least adopt Quad lumens?
    Seems like with all this fancy medicine (mixed with the tried and
    true meds), I can easily end up with a patient on 5+drips.

    And all I have is a lousy triple lumen.

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  3. by   New CCU RN
    Never seen anything other than a TLC with a cordis. We do have VIP swans which have an extra port plus the cordis.

    Even with five plus drips it usually works out fine if you have a peripheral and can run things together.
  4. by   shoelace
    Oh, I know how to finagle around running gtts together - but then put the pt on CVVH, start pulling out all the stops, and you can easily end up with dopa, neo, epi, propofol, xigris, calcium gluconate, citrate, antibiotic line, TPN, must monitor continuous CVP, and golly, they're now 10kg up from admit weight - gosh, where did those peripheral veins go, anyway?
    1 - dopa, neo, epi
    2 - TPN, may possibly add ca gluc if TPN with low phospates
    3 - cvp/blood draw/antibiotic line
    4 - propofol
    5 - xigris
    6 - if can't add ca gluc to TPN line

    It can add up! Obviously 5 lumen is not for everyone, but I can
    see where it *might* come in handy. I was just wondering
    if anyone had had any experience with them :-)
  5. by   New CCU RN
    Yes, they do sound neat.... we have to beg and plead just for a VIP swan so I don't see the five port central line coming.

    Although with a cordis and a TLC we have four ports. NOt bad...
    BTW... you should check out the new Diprivan compatibilities... it can run with tons of stuff... Dob, Dopa, Epi, Esmolol, Heparin, Insulin, Labetolo, ATivan, Versed, NTG, Nitroprusside, Norepi, Neo... just to name a few. This is actually pretty new data.
  6. by   NurseBoricua
    Baxter has the AVA introducer out...Is that the one you recall using? I've been trying to find more info on it also. ICU uses sometimes...think because nurses aren't aware of them as an option.
  7. by   BadBird
    We use quad lumens quite often, Love them !!!! don't ya just hate when your patient crumps and you have 1 inflitrated peripheral line. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  8. by   Zee_RN
    Dang I just erased my whole reply. Must have been God's way of telling me it was too long.

    No, I've never seen quads. It takes a surgical consult just to get a triple at our place and heaven forbid if you need one after 5PM. We don't have surgical residents and we don't have an intensivist. Surgeons don't make any $$$ on TLC insertions and they balk at coming in to do it.