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  2. by   cardiacRN2006
    I'm a little confused as to what the problem was. After 4 months, you didn't get enough exposure to Swans, etc, there's not much you can do about that. But they gave you an extended orientation of 5 supervised shifts and as a result of what they observed, you were offered 30days back on your medsurg unit where you were charge? Something must have happened to jeopardize pt safety if you had to be supervised at the place you came from.

    What's the real story? Were you able to assist with Aline placements, able to gather things for intubations, take care of vented pts, have interactions with Drs about your pts? What does the phrase 'not where I should be related to clinincal development' mean? What did they say you were doing wrong?
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  5. by   cardiacRN2006
    Then this sounds like it just wasn't a good fit for you (or them). If they can't give you any specific examples of what they didn't like, then it looks like they were looking for the easy way out-which was asking you to resign.
    What are you going to do next (as far as employment)?
  6. by   rnexpectations
    There are many unanswered questions here. Were you given feedback throughout your orientation period, or were you just told one day after 4 months that you were unacceptable? Did you show interest in what was being taught? Did you show initiative? Were you receptive to learning? Were you assigned a preceptor/mentor? Did you communicate with that person? What is your personality type - outgoing or introverted and shy?
    I think now is the time to step back and be real honest with yourself. Answer questions such as: what did I contribute? what did I learn? was I open to learning? was I an asset to the unit? Did I act like a know -it-all?
    Did I receive (did I listen)? was I able to retain what I was taught?, etc. The list goes on. Were the unit expections made clear to you? Did you receive the proper education for your job?

    As far as what to say to those who want to know why you left ICU- a simple "ICU did not work out for me at this time, period"
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  7. by   LaurynRN
    I would not give anyone more information that they need. Plain and simple, you worked in ICU and it didn't work out. I believe that a bad orientation can cause even a great nurse to look terrible when the orientation is officially over. Were there meetings with your manager and preceptor, did they document your strengths and weaknesses? I would hope that they have a paper trail to show why you were told to leave.
    I wish you all the best and I hope you find a place that is suitable for both you and your co-workers
  8. by   RNRao
    Thank you for coming to my aid Lauryn and others. This is an ended thread as of now. Good luck everyone and God Bless.