NEED HELP supplies needed

  1. i will be working in the ICU full time and part time in the ER what all supplies to you all recommend i buy or get to put in a back-pack so that when i work i wont have to look for anythign just get my bag full of stuff. plus since i will be working in 2 different dept i would like to have it in a bag so i can take it wherever i am at.
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  3. by   smileyRn96
    I work primarily in the ICU but float to the ED frequently and worked full time in the ED for 2 years. I never leave home without: sheers, stethoscope, penlight, kelly clamps, silk tape, pocket critical care guide (tarascon's), ACLS and PALS quick reference cards...Additionally, once I get to work I place 4 (10ml)saline flushes and about 20 alcohol wipes in my leg pockets(which I constantly replenish). I like cargo pants scrubs because they hold all of the stuff I use often.
    As far as a backpack, I would never get back to it in the ED for it to be of much use. You really need to have what you need at your finger tips. I think supplying your assigned rooms at the beginning of your shift would be the most valuable, especially if you are in trauma rooms.
    I hope that helps some.
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  4. by   Indy
    For one thing, your food for the shift ought to be in there. Water, soda, juice, etc. I don't carry a backpack but I sure pack the heck out of my lunchbox. If you pack decent food and enough of it, plus fluids, your brain will work better.

    Also, don't forget your :
    smallish bag containing all the crap that goes in the pockets, like scissors, hemostats, carpuject, fingernail clippers, calipers, etc.
    stash of pens and highlighters
    a book in case patients don't come to the ER at all (can't say the Q word! and the book might jinx it completely anyhow)
    your own bottle of whatever you take for a headache
    and all your techy stuff: phone, palm, etc.
    reference books if you don't have a PDA

    Try and keep the weight under 20 pounds, food included. Your Mileage May Vary.
  5. by   smileyRn96
    I have seen a few nurses with leathermans; they are very useful. We fixed the pyxis with one once :spin:
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    what are leathermans?
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    ooooh! How cool, thanks smiley!
  9. by   PiPhi2004
    I work in the MICU and most of our patients are on isolation, nothing goes in or out, which makes it easy for me (disposable stethoscope, flashlight per room, all stocked supplies, sterile scissors and hemostats, etc)! I have yet to have to have any equipment, its all provided in each room and we have the best reference books at each charting station. I am suprised that so many other areas need so much stuff at all times! As with everyone else, id keep some food on ya. Gotta eat! Kudos to you for working so hard in 2 very challenging units!