MICU vs SICU-why the rivalry? Can't we all just get along? - page 2

I am a new grad (11 months post hire), primarily assigned to work in a MICU, but I have volunteered to work in a pilot program whereby I train and work in both units. For some reason it is felt that... Read More

  1. by   RN1982
    I take care of these type of patients (MSOD, CRRT, ARDS, sepsis) in the SICU all the time. It's no different than MICU except the surgical aspect of it. I take care of MICU patients all the time because they are overflowed to my unit. Are we seriously going to compare which ICU has the sickest patients? They are there because they are sick. I've taken care of many sick MICU and SICU patients, they are both equally challenging patients. I'm sick of the perpetuated myth that SICU patients are not as sick as MICU patients, that's bullcrap. I've busted my hump trying to keep both MICU and SICU patients alive. You don't need to tell me which ICU patients are most critical and challenging because to me they both are.
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  2. by   kvsherry
    The hospital that I externed in had a combined med/surg ICU. So no rivalry. However, the Neuro ICU one floor up...big time rivalry (same manager). The Neuro ICU nurses hated floating down to ICU and the ICU nurses felt like the Neuro nurses thought their sh*t didn't stink. The manager tried to make it one big happy...but the neurosurgeons definitely preferred Neuro ICU and everyone new it.
  3. by   pinksugar
    I totally agree with TurnLeftSide. I worked in a combined SICU/MICU/CCU and all of the patients are the same - sick!! I do not get the rivalry at all. Any nurse on a critical care unit is working hard. Any patient can go down the tubes in an instant, on any critical care unit.