MICU or SICU or ICCU please help

  1. Hello. I am a senior nursing student and am making plans to extern this summer. I am going to be externing in critical care, the problem is I don't know if I should extern in MICU, SICU, or ICCU. I really don't know the difference as far as the type of patients etc. If someone could please let me know what the differences are, and what a nurse does, I would appreciate it. I need to let the hospital know by Monday.
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  3. by   AfloydRN
    Medical ICU is a catch all unit. Anything goes. Any diagnosis is acceptable. SICU is post surgical patients who could not be extubated quickly or have other secondary problems. ICCU- Same as CCU? Our CCu does post open hearts and such. I would go to ICCU.
  4. by   srna2008
    At my hospital, our SICU takes all hearts and other CV cases and all traumas that need ICU care. I externed in MICU and SICU and learned a great deal more in SICU. Depending on your future plans and goals should determine where you extern. I plan on CRNA school, so I wanted to be where the hearts where.

    Good luck
  5. by   cardiacRN2006
    It does really help if you know what you like to do.

    I externed in a CVICU. I wanted to do open hearts, and work cardiac (hence my username). But I was bored beyond belief working there. I'm glad I externed, because I'd hate to think that I would have acccepted a job there and be stuck!

    I work in MSICU, It's a combo of both and love it. We get the craziest disesases! It always keeps you on your toes.