M/SICU and "Step-down Trauma Unit" - what's the difference?

  1. Could someone elighten me? What's the difference between a MICU/SICU unit and a "Step-down Trauma" unit? Some hospitals have both and I'm trying to figure out specifically what the typical nursing duties in each would be.

    Is this a little fuzzy for anyone else?

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  3. by   chicagrl72
    I would also like some feedback on this ...anyone out there ?
  4. by   cardiacRN2006
    One is an ICU and one is where pts go when they are no longer ICU status but not well enough to go to a med surg/tele floor.
  5. by   TennRN2004
    Check out the intermidiate care unit thread here. We don't have step down units at my facility, so I can't tell you specifically what they do from first hand experience, but that thread seems to be pretty inclusive of what I've heard they are like at the hospital in the town where I work.
  6. by   LCRN
    The difference in the hospitals that I have worked at is basically as the above poster had stated...when patient's no longer meet ICU criteria but may require closer monitoring. In my ICU our patient-nurse ratio is 2:1, on our step down unit it is usually 3-4:1. These patients need frequent chest pt, may still require some vasoactive meds and central line monitoring but are no longer intubated. If they are post-op may require frequent drain I/O's as well as urinary output. But also usually have pretty aggressive rehab if they are able to tolerate it.

    I hope this helps.