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  1. I have already been throught the AACN website but only find books and CD-ROMs.

    We are looking for DVDs that are specifically ICU based for our nurses. Ive done some searching without much luck.

    Our VHS tapes are worn out and we dont want to replace them with more tape.

    Anyone have a good hookup?

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  3. by   zambezi
    I don't know about dvd but we use use a computer based program (ECCO??) for all our new hires...we also refer to the www.pacep.org website.
  4. by   begalli
    Essentials of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO) is awesome. My unit reimburses us and pays us for the time it takes to complete this program through the AACN. It is available to institutions and then the institution gives their employees passwords to get in to the program.

    Individual access is not yet available.

    It's excellent review for the CCRN.

    AACN website is down until the 13th of Feb, but check it out then!!
  5. by   begalli
    Quote from zambezi
    Wow! Thanks for that website. I'll take it to my employer!
  6. by   11:11
    Quote from zambezi
    ...we also refer to the www.pacep.org website.

    Thats a great website from what I can see. Thanks.

    We are familiar with ECCO and other website based training programs.

    Our main goal is to update our library with an new format rather than purchasing VHS tapes which get pretty beat up and are outdated anyway.

    I think its strange that nobody is putting out DVD's-

  7. by   begalli
    eh, nevermind
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    eh, nevermind

  9. by   begalli
    Sorry 11:11. :imbar

    I sent you a pm.

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