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On the market now which pumps has anyone used that is for icu use and does not have alot of glictches to them. Our hospital just purchased terrible pumps by B Braun with Horizon tubing and they are... Read More

  1. by   Diary/Dairy
    I have used the plum pumps, baxter ones and anther brand that I don't remember, but so far, my favorite are the alaris, as well.
  2. by   cvicugirl
    [quote=CVICURN2003;240744 CT surgeons didn't know how to use them....Sigh...that did not last long...:spin::spin:[/quote]

    You gotta train 'em! Our bubbas know that if they touch my pumps they are gonna get their hand swatted. And no surgeon I know likes to get their hands *touched*, let alone smacked! I don't play with their stuff in OR, they don't play with mine in CV Recovery!
  3. by   RNperdiem
    If you use compatible meds on the secondary line you can run 6 infusions on the Baxter triple pumps. Our hospital made us go to one infusion per pump, which I think is safer.
    The Baxters are nice, but a little heavy to push for a long road trip. I work in a large teaching hospital, so road trips can cover some distance. That is just a small complaint; I love a pump that has med programming and dosage calculations.
  4. by   smile123
    Quote from nurse-lou
    The last place I worked at had Alaris Guardrails Smart Pumps.....with software for critical care drugs and programs built in so as not to allow a nurse to program a drip too high or too low depending on the drug.
    We have Alaris pumps which are great! BTW, you can program different alarm/warming levels on them. They also allow you to program in PCA modules with continuous, PCA, bolus and any combo thereof. The automatic calculation is wonderful. You can put in the VTBI and it will calculate the rate (based on the commonly used IV drug dosages in your hospital). They are very versatile!
  5. by   crna2bkristan
    Alaris pumps are great!