Is One Year Enough?

  1. Hi guys! Almost 11 months ago now, I got a job as a ICU nurse! Although I love my job, I hate the fact that I did not get a very long training. I was only trained with a preceptor for a total of 1.5 months (booo!) and my class room training was not that great. I have been on my own for about 9.5 months and I learn something new everyday. I still ask tons of questions and I am very fortunate to get some experience with open heart patients. However, I really want further experience and my hospital is not a trauma center. I am currently on contract for a few years, but I wanted advice on how newer nurses felt at different hospitals. I was thinking about applying to other hospitals for more experience with different types of patients and more education while still working at my hospital. What are your experiences? Did you feel comfortable at the new hospital? I am scared I am going to go to another hospital and not be able to ask my very simple questions I still ask from day to day or that they will eat me alive! Did any other nurses work at a different hospital after a year? Did you still get trained at the new hospital? Any advice helps!!
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  3. by   calivianya
    Random question: how much is it going to cost you to break the contract? If you're going to break the bank doing it, it might be worth hanging out until the contract is up IMO. The hospital I accepted a job at values their new grad education at $12,000... and I know I don't have the money to pay that back for sure!
  4. by   YoungStud
    Do most hospitals make you sign a contract if you're a new grad?
  5. by   Sun0408
    I highly doubt you would get more than a few weeks orientation at a new hospital. You will get some orientation to get used to their system but not much in re: to nursing. They will likely see your time in the ICU and no longer consider you a new grad, therefore not offering you a long orientation.

    Youngstud, some hospitals do while others don't.. You will have to see what your area offers.
  6. by   kgpatterson87
    I had the same problem you had. I was under a $5,000 contract for two years. I became a high-acuity ICU RN after one year of medical training. When I went to ICU, it was a SICU, a trauma ICU and a neuro ICU. I got all sorts of experience, and was glad that I trained there. However, I only got ten months of experience before I decided to go traveling due to some personal reasons. It cost me my last $3,000 paycheck to break my contract. They took all of it. I was devastated. I got $67 on my last check. They didn't give me an opportunity to make payments, or to even work on a plan to spread it over a couple of checks. No sympathy. So be careful. I am super glad I left to travel, however. I have honed my skill at thinking on my feet, and I have gained a ton of confidence. Just trust your instinct and do some studying outside of work. Purchasing a CCRN exam book is a great way to gain knowledge and it starts you on the path to obtaining the cert. Good luck!!