Heparinized vs Nonheparinzed saline in arterial lines

  1. What are you using in your transudced arterial lines, a Heparized solultion, if so what is your concentration OR nonheparinized saline?
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  3. by   zolly786
    we use nonheparinized saline for our art lines
  4. by   oMerMero
    No heparin for us!
  5. by   cvicugirl
    Just saline here, also.
  6. by   incublissRN
    normal saline
  7. by   BBFRN
    Ours come up from surgery with heparinized saline, but when that bag runs out, we change over to normal.
  8. by   msjangir
    Nonheparinised, now heperinised saline is stale to use as a continous flush for arterial and other transducer lines. New studies show it is contraindicated and raising the chance of bleeding in those who already have abnormal coagulation as we use heparinised as our old practice. so for now only non-hep.
  9. by   Nurseboy1
    Normal Saline
  10. by   cardiac.cure03
    Quote from Baptized_By_Fire
    Ours come up from surgery with heparinized saline, but when that bag runs out, we change over to normal.

  11. by   healys
    Our hospital is considering switching from Heparinized flushes....to Normal Saline. I have only been able to find replacement of heparin with saline for peripheral line flushes only. Please let me know if Saline flushes for ALL lines is becoming more common practice or not worth exploring.
  12. by   oMerMero
    We always flush our unused lines with saline every four hours, whether peripheral or central. That becomes routine with assessments. I understand med-surg floor atill used heparin, but they flush the lines less frequently.
  13. by   StacieRN
    I advocate for switching to saline everywhere. It's personal with me. In January of last year, I developed HIT (heparin induced thrombocyotepenia).
    Because of the HIT, I STILL have a DVT that extends from mid-left subclavian backward and up the jugular and downward half-way down my axillary vein on the left.
    Also, I developed 3 subdural bleeds because of the thrombocytopenia and anticoagulation.
    All in all a heck of a lot to go through - just because I had a reaction to heparin flushes.
  14. by   RedERRN
    NS here