Fundamental Critical Care Support Course

  1. Anyone did that course from the society of critical care medicine( I think)? Any comment?? Is it any good?
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  3. by   dragonflyRN
    I took the ecco class, required upon hire. My former employer wanted to require it, but they wouldn't pay for it.
  4. by   ready4crna?
    Phip- The formal title of what I think you are asking about is the Essentials of Critical Care Orientation. It is available online through the AACN. Generally, institutions subscribe to it and use it as the didactic portion of a well rounded orientation. I am not sure if an individual can sign up, but I hope this info helps.
    I found it an excellent source of evidence based training.
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  5. by   moonshadeau
    No there actually is a FCCS course. It is very good. I took it last year. It tends to be more physician oriented if I remember correctly. Good luck.