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As far as ICU goes, would you rather work three 12 hour shifts per week or four 8 hour shifts per week? Why? Just curious.. ;)... Read More

  1. by   All4Seasons
    Quote from psychnurse1998
    2 wrongs dont make a right. How would anyone like to be a plane with a pilot that has flown for 12 hours..if that is possible. Or ride in a bus with a bus driver that has driven 12 hours or more..Or have a Doctor doing surgery on you.. But its great there is room for opinion in the world..or maybe in some parts of the world. <smile> If I waS going to ride a horse..I prefer a fresh one..Where have all the critical thinkers gone..long time passing..when will they ever learn..when.......?
    Huh? My point is that there is more than one way of looking at something - surely you can see that for some people there is less fatigue in working a rotation which is based on (fewer) 12 hr shifts rather than shorter shifts that are of a greater number in a row. I don't consider 8 and 12 hour shifts "two wrongs"...that's just reality. Each individual decides what's right for him/her. Do I think that hospitals could do more with scheduling to improve the quality of life for RNs? You betcha!
    But smarter nurses than I will have to come up with those rotations!
  2. by   blueheaven
    Quote from TheCommuter
    I prefer to work two 16-hour shifts per week.
    See, I would love doing that!!! Work em and get em over with...have more time to focus on school. kids, etc. One hospital I interviewed with was going to let me do that since I had a long commute to and from. I do love my 12's though
  3. by   Angel816
    I don't care for 8 Hour shifts it just does not seem like there is enough time to get everything completed the way I want to, 12 hr shifts are fine as long as they are 3 in a row and not all over the place in the week I like to do them straight and get it done with, I really like four 10 hours a week Its nice to be in by 5AM and of at 3:30.
  4. by   Nurseismade RN
    read all the hospital in mass got rid of the 12 hour shifts....I personally am not a morning person so I love my 3-11:30p. I work 32 hours by the summer can hit the beach before work. I am a mother with a 16 year old. But for moms with younger kids.....I can see how you would want to be home in the evenings, that is really important. I feel great that I can take my kid to school in the mornings, cook meals before I leave; she comes home usually around 4:40pm...and after homework is on the cell all nite until bed:uhoh21: am I missed..heck no!!! husband is home in the evenings.

    so bottom line to each his/her own...whatever works go for it....12 hours 4 days (36 hours) off or 8 hours 3 days off (32 hours) what I work or 8 hours 2 days off (40 hours)
  5. by   sarahrain
    8 hours. I prefer to have the balanced time distribution for everything in everyday.
  6. by   RNFELICITY
    I love 12 hour shifts.
    I like the continuity of the care and how a lot of times I give report to the same nurse. I think it keeps a good connection and flow going.

    I also like having 4 days off in my work week If I choose.

    I am also one of those nurses that prefers to work all 3 of my shifts in a row.