Do you get paid from being 'on-call'?

  1. On my unit, we are required to be on call two 12 hour shifts out of every six week schedule. You have to be available & reachable from 5am or 5pm until 11 a or 11p (respectively depending on whether you selected an AM shift or PM shift to be on call), if you haven't received a call by 11, you are free to go about your business.

    We are not paid for being on call, but would receive OT pay if called in. Just wondering what your call requirements were and whether you are compensated for "being available" to be called in--if so, how much. Thanks.
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  3. by   ritarunningfeet
    Were I work we are not required to be "on call" but it is a choice. If we are on call we get paid like $2 per hour that we are not called in, if we get called in we get time and a half. They can call us in at any point that we have put ourselves on call. We also have the option to be available, which is straight time, but we can change our mind when the call and decide that we would rather not work that shift. We don't get paid for time not called in when we are listed as available.
  4. by   LilDKessler
    I worked for an Ob/Gyn office & we rotated call every 3 weekends. We were paid $6.25/hour for each hour on call. It always made for a nice payday, especially time & a half for holidays.
  5. by   Ariesbsn
    If we are put on call, we are paid $2.00 an hour for the entire 12 hour shift we were on call for. We get put on call for low census. The part that bites is that once we are put on call, we can get called in to 4 units that aren't our home unit. If they call me at 0230 and tell me that I have to go to AIU and I refuse, I am put on the disciplinary tract. If you are put on call for your regular shift and get called in, you make straight time. If you signed up for overtime, get put on call and get called in, you get overtime pay.
  6. by   cardiac.cure03
    I'm not quite sure yet how they determine who is on call (still on orientation ), but we get $2/hr for doing so and then get OT if we actually get called in to work.
  7. by   harley007
    I work in a high volume cardiac cath. lab. and full time you are on a rotating call team one 48 hr./month - and one 12 hr. week night. Part-time = 48 hr.weekend/month. We are paid $ $9./hour to carry the beeper and be available. In my state you must be paid at least minimum wage for being on call. If we are called in we get OT and all the differentials that apply. We always get called in on the weekends, usually more than once - one time it was 32 out of 48 hours. We barely got home before we were turning around and going back in. As tiring as it is there are saving graces - the patient is critical so it keeps you and your team alert and on top of your game, requesting the Monday off after your weekend call = sanity, those power naps between calls are wonderful! Finally that paycheck sure does put a smile on your face! :spin: :spin:
  8. by   jmgrn65
    On Call pay is $3 an hour and if you get called in, then you get your pay plus the 3.
  9. by   ptadvocate81
    If we are on call, we can be called in at any time during that shift, but are paid a whole $2/hr to be on call. It's more of a pain to be put on call than to go in to work, so I try not to take any low census' unless I am pretty sure I won't be called in.
  10. by   gtmoore
    $3/hour, pretty bad. No OT if called in.