Cvicu new grad RN starting in july

  1. Hello! I am starting in the CVICU in july and I am beyond excited but I am fully aware I have a lot to learn and am prepared to do so. I am just kind of wondering starting off when you go into your patient's room you and get a full head to toe assessment introduce yourself and make sure the patient doesn't need anything what is next as in what do I do ? What do you do when you go in does it matter according to where you work if you check labs or what the steps would be? Im trying to connect everything and I know it will come in time but I would love to have an idea of what I should be doing.
    Thank you!
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  3. by   TooManyCats
    I work in a combined surgical and medical ICU, with 32 beds. For the majority of patients, we bedside report, go over lines/drips/vent settings and introduce ourselves. Then I spend a few minutes going over orders and labs. After that I go and assess and give meds. You will find the flow that works for you, and different places have different charting requirements, I&O times, etc.
  4. by   RN-SKR
    It depends on the situation, generally we sit down get report then go in and do a line and gtt check. But sometime we go in first thing so the nurse can show me what she's going to be talking about in report.
    good luck