Angry at the Lazy Respiratory Therapists - page 2

BEFORE I VENT.... There are some wonderful, caring, hard-working Respitory Therapist out there that take their jobs to the max and I am proud to work side by side with them. Then, there are the ones... Read More

  1. by   rnontherun
    Ok, I've been on both sides of the bed so to speak (13 yrs RRT, currently ICU RN) and I agree that every department has its lazy therapists and we all know lazy nurses. Human nature I guess. I find asking the RT for help when needed works well. Other than that, I try to remember the days when as an RT I was responsible for 7 or 8 vents on the unit, had a few treatments to do, setting up patients for transport, responding to ER, attending high risk deliveries, responding to stat calls, running ABG's, etc, but I also remember times when I would get to sit down with my fellow therapists and eat lunch together on those quiet days. But ultimately patient care comes first and if you need the RT's help, they should be there for you.

  2. by   airis
    focus on your job not their job. If RT dont do their jobs its their loss not yours. The important thing is to know what makes you a good nurse. If you are allowed to do it then do it. Dont wait for someone to do it for you. If you need help ask for help, dont expect someone to just assist you right away, some people dont think like you.