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  1. i recently completed my acls cert. one of the questons really made me upset. the queston was

    what is the best way to give epi in a code situation. the options were cent line, PIV, or ET tube, and something else stupid like sub q.

    i put cent line because of the risk of a bad piv aswell as if you are giving someone epi i am assuming that the sys circulation isnt any good. the answer ended up being piv for the reason that i shouldnt wait for a cent line to be placed was what the instructor told me when i got this answer wrong.

    my thoughts are who said that i didnt already have a cent. line. or that i was able to get a PIV on this pt.
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  3. by   ckh23
    From what you posted, I agree. I take the question to read as if you have all of those routes available, which one would you use. However, no use in getting upset over it. You know what route would be best given your patient's access.
  4. by   Medic2RN
    You have to answer the ACLS test questions with the mindset that the code situation can happen in or OUT of the hospital setting. Primarily answer the questions as though you are a paramedic or ER nurse with a fresh patient without IV access or airway secure.

    You answered the question as an ICU nurse. I also agree with your answer, but you have to keep this in mind when taking this test.
  5. by   sirI
    what is the best way to give epi in a code situation
    You left out the wording, "preferred method of access" (not best) and "in most patients". That makes the answer PIV.