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MICU interview! Tips on interview preparation please....


Has 5 years experience.

I'm an OR nurse who is trying to transition out of the OR. My dream has always been to be an ICU nurse but after countless of applications, I could never get into a hosp. The OR was my "IN" into a level one trauma center and now my probationary period is over, I applied and was called for an interview in MICU. Does anyone have any tips on how to prepare for this besides the usual interview questions.

I really want this and anyone's feedback is very much appreciated!!!


I was in the same boat as you! I interviewed at 3 ICU's trying to get out of the OR. I didn't get any of the positions but I did get offered a position on a step down unit. The manager of the ICU told me to work on step down for a year and then she would be able to offer me a position. I do feel like this will prepare me better since being in the OR I have no experience with meds. Anyway if you are interviewing in a MICU be prepared to answer why a MICU and not a SICU. (They will assume that since you were in the OR you would rather have surgical patients) Good luck!!! Keep us updated!

Following. ..I'm doing the same thing. I have been OR nurse at a major hospitalfor 6 years. I've done everything under the sun from liver/kidney/panc/bowel transplants to flaps. I feel like I'm losing my nursing skills and eventually I would like to apply to crna school. So I would love to hear what suggestions people have on how to better transition to ICI.