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Hi guys- I'm looking for some input on what direction I should take.

I took Micro and received a C in the course. I want a better grade. Better grade = better chances of getting into a program is how it goes in my mind.

My question is..should I retake the course or should I try and test out of it. I've been reading on here how some people have taken a test and gotten credit for the course. However, if I did take that route would it improve my grade with the chance that I did awesome on the test?

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It depends on your program and the entrance requirements. The program I'm trying to get into does not allow testing out in any required pre-req. They will only let you re-take a class once. They do accept the higher of the two grades, though :)

I don't know about testing out of it, but I would recommend finishing pre requisites before retaking micro. That way if your school or program only allows one retake (like mine), you can choose to use it for micro or another clas. Talk to your advisor about whether or not testing out would improve your grade.

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