I am getting ready to study for microbiology and was checking to see if anyone had used microbiology demystified or microbiology easy? If so, did it cover what was in the study guide?


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i'd like to know too- i have that demystified book. I'm still stuck on A&P right now, but micro will be one of the next ones i take as well! Good luck!


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Yes I would like to know to, I am on Lifespan 2

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I read Micro Demystified, and actually enjoyed it very much! It did cover a lot of things in the content guide, but it's also not the only resource I used, so I can't say that it covered everything. Provides a good foundation, though. I also used the text, Lisa Arends, and the practice exams.


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I would start with the recommended text, then add on any additional resources to broaden my knowledge base or answer questions. Good luck with the test.


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I used Mico dism and Lisa Arend notes and the internet. I also bought the practice test and passed with a B.

Good luck!